CHANGEMAKER WORKSHOP: Social Entrepreneurship 101

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Ever consider starting a school club or community non-profit? Then this is the workshop for you! Social Entrepreneurship 101 is a two part incubator workshop for future student changemakers. This workshop gives students a nurturing space to discuss real problems and discover the power they have right now to affect social change. 

Registration encouraged, walk ins welcomed while space permits.  

In the 1st class, students will: 

  • learn about social entrepreneurship,
  • hear from a graduating senior who led a successful community group, 
  • identify a problem they want to address, independently or in a group, 
  • brainstorm what it would take to implement their solution: materials, permissions from authorities, team members, fundraising, etc.

In the 2nd class (only for students of the 1st class), students will: 

  • work on action plans with steps to meet their goals,
  • create a 3 minute slide presentation about their initiative, using our class template, or making their own, 
  • present their initiative to the class (presenting is encouraged but not mandatory).


Students are encouraged to share any future steps they took to create change to be featured in a social entrepreneur display in the teen section of Miller Branch.