Department of Labor: Is your Mortgage Late? Next steps (Online)

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If your mortgage is late and you don’t know what to do, this workshop is for you.

Are you falling behind or have you already received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose? Maryland Department of Labor will share information on the help available to Maryland homeowners, how to work with your mortgage service provider, the do’s and don’ts as a borrower, and your rights.

1.   Mortgage Late, Don’t Wait!

          a.      Steps to take to avoid foreclosure

2.  Your Options: Quick Overview

        a.         Reinstatement

        b.         Loss Mitigation/Working with your Lender

        c.         Redemption

        d.         Bankruptcy Options

        e.         Reverse Mortgage

        f.           Litigation

       g.         Give Up Your Home

3.   Do’s and Don’ts of Foreclosure

4.   Can You Keep Your House? Should You Keep Your House?

       a.         The Emotions

       b.         The Economics

5.  Deficiency Judgments: Will you still owe money after the Foreclosure

       a.         Tax Consequences

6.  Foreclosure Scams

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